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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wedding dresses :)

A couple of people have asked me to post pictures of dresses I have tried on. So, I'll be nice and post them. I don't care if Ant sees them... none of these are the one I'm getting :)

This one made my armpits fat.

My mom wasn't telling me when she was snappin' the dang picture

Mom loved this one... me not so much.

I closed my eyes... cuz it was ugly.

I liked this one... but then I didn't.

Satisfied? ;) My dress is beautiful. I promise. I'm so excited to get it!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Non-flower wedding centerpieces: I think I may be a genius!

Earlier today, I emailed "the boat lady" to ask if we ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO use Annabella's services for our wedding. Boat lady said we don't have to, so we can just nix her off competely from our budget. I got to thinking: with the money we were to pay Annabella, we can make our own centerpieces for a fourth of the cost and be able to save a couple hundred dollars. So I though: "what can I do that doesn't involve flowers and is cheap?"
I called my dear future husband and told him the conversation I had had with boat lady. He says "we can just get a vase, put some sand or pebbles in it, stick a candle in and then spinkle some seashells around the vase".

Well, I got to thinking again... and came up with the greatest idea ever: fish centerpieces! I mean, hellooooo, we're going to be on the water... fish are in the water.... they might as well be in our centerpieces! It'll be something fun, unexpected, and perhaps guests can take them home after! I think it's a brilliant idea. Now, I just have to run it by Ant and see what he thinks...

I'm thinking having a vase with pebbles in the bottom, a goldfish and a blue betta (alternating in tables so there are hints of blue here, hints of yellow there...) maybe some silk flowers submerged (so the fish isn't alone the whole time), a mirror under the vase (like above) or a fake palm leaf (like below), and tea lights  and some seashells around it.

(Just showing how the vase and leaf look. Ignore the roses and petals)

Isn't it genius tho!? I really like the idea. Here's a breakdown of what it would cost:

  • Vases: Garden vase , round bowl, or cylinder vase with tapered edges x 1 case (12)= $12 with free shipping to a near Dollar Tree.

  • River rocks x 1 case (16 bags) = $16

  • Sand dollars x 2 baskets = $9.98 (Large part of these are going to be used as escort cards, remaining will be used for table decor)

  • Starfish x1 bag = $4.99

  • Tropical leaves to go under vases x 1 dozen = $4.49

  • Fish (goldfish/blue betta) x12 = $36. (I'm gessing they're about $3 each)

  • LED tealights from DollarTree x 1 case = $36

  • Tea light holders x 1 case= $36

  • Grand total = $150.47 (a lot less than what we would have paid for flower centerpieces.)
Obviously, this is a rough estimate... Oriental Trading shipping wasn't added because I have no idea how much it'll be. Also, this is an estimate without the submerged flower idea (adding it would up the price, obviously... but if I use 40%off coupons from Michael's, it won't be too much). Some things are playing double duty, that's why I am figuring the case price and not singles.
Let me know what you think!!! Am I amwesome or what!? ;)

Monday, July 5, 2010

Our wedding guestbook!

A while ago, I went to try on dresses at David's Bridal. They put me in their newsletter datatbase, and I have been receiving offers left and right. Well, in November they sent me a courtesy email giving me a free Shutterfly photobook. We used that promo code to make out engagement trip book. Yesterday I got another email...WITH ANOTHER FREE BOOK! I was beyond excited! So, what did I do? I went on and created our guestbook! These are our enagement pictures, courtesy of Debbie Barnes :)
Take a look :) Some backgrounds and details may be changed, but this is the overall jist of it... so exciting!

Florist inquiries

Yay! The florist, Annabella, got back to me with prices :) I was very excited to hear what she had to say.
  • She is able to do the gladiola/hydrangea/dahlia with a leaf wrap for $45 each.

  • Yellow gerberas(8) in a med/ size, not too tall cylinder also with the green leaf wrapped inside cylinder, but no lime wedges. for $40

  • The ceremoy arrangements, if we do just tall blue delphinium and blue bella donna and a little bit of cascading seeded Eucalyptus at the bottom would be $88 each.

I still want to send her more inspiration pictures and see what she could do. As of right now, I can either get all centerpieces I need (8-10 depending on total amount of tables) and maybe pay a little in difference for those and pay for altar arrangements in full, or do centerpieces on my own and have her do the altar decorations. We will be asking the "boat lady" if we HAVE to use the flowers or not, and if not using them will bring our price down.
Options, decisions, decisions....

Friday, July 2, 2010

Centerpiece adventures

We have found a new potential venue. It's still a boat tho. We love the idea of a dinner cruise with all included... makes it easier for us to plan when everything's done for you :)
The new  potential venue includes flowers in the budget. I think that's really cool! The other boat includes silk flower centerpieces, but this one uses REAL flowers :)
So, "just in case", I have been looking for potential centerpiece ideas:
  • I want flowers that are very low key, classic, romantic, and not ostentatious.
  • Nothing excessive.
  • Clean and simple.
Blue delphiniums and blue muscari, I think


White hydrangeas

Yellow tulips, mums, and daffodils

Yellow roses and blue flowers spring mix.

Gladiola, mums, hydrangea, roses, and "other" mix

Gerbera daisies and limes/lemons.

I have also been thinking of a possible altar decoration. I like the tall vases and flowers. These 2 options are my top 2 choices of style: very simple and clean.

I believe these are blue larkspur flowers... but not sure

White tulips and white filler with branches.

Now all we have to do is see what our budget can squeeze in. I have decided that I'd like centerpieces more so than an altar arrangement... although, if you think about it, we can have other centerpieces (candles, floating/submerged silk flowers) that can be done by ourselves... We'll see what the  flower lady says. For now, I'd love to hear what you guys think, or what other suggestions you have  for us :) 

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Wedding planning is back on track!

I had been away from my computer due to an unfortunate shortage on the chord... not cool. I think puppy had something to do with it... but, who knows!

Anyhow... I'm on a search for a "swirls" aisle runner and plan on doing what Heather from "Road to the Aisle" did with hers :) Looks simple enough, right? Just a large piece of fabric, a couple things of paint, a blown up monogram (which I'm still working on)... and VOILA!

I saw the swirly airle runner on some pictures, but can't seem to find it again! I have seen rose designs, lace, flowers, hearts, birds... but no swirls :( Hopefully I can find one soon :)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

To Master or not to Master...

...THAT is the question.
While browsing other blogs, I ran into one where Samantha, the blogger, is doing the Master Cleanse and apparently sticking with it (good luck!)

I have been thinking of doing the Master Cleanse for a while. I just don't have the will power, not the appropriate environment right now to be able to succeed at this time. Probably will tackle this as soon as I move into my new apartment. Then, it'll just be doggie Mijita and me, no distractions. My pantry WILL be empty, so no temptation there :)

My sister and her friend did this cleanse. Sister only lasted about a week; her friend stuck with it for 2 weeks. Both of them saw no change in the weightloss area. Maybe they didn't do it right...
As of right now, I'm focussing on eating well. has been a great help in tacking what I eat.
Exercise is not my forte, I admit that. I have been doing bits and pieces of my Dollar Tree bought exercise videos. They kick my butt... and I don't like it. At all.

I just want to fit in and look good in a wedding dress... soon! :) I guess I should buck up and run with it.